Beyonce Is An Italian Pretending To Be African American Who’s Real Name Is Ann Marie Lastrassi, According To Congressional Candidate KW Miller In Bizarre Twitter Rant – All About Laughs

Once in the past Beyonce was linked with Jay Z with all sorts of conspiracy theories. They were also said to be a part of ‘’illuminati,’’ with the hand signal of triangle saying it all. Now there is another conspiracy that is supposed to be hatched by the star. You may remember the story of Beyonce’s pregnancy that was being faked. This year there is no end to the things that people are going to come up with.

It was also claimed that Beyonce used a surrogate to get her daughter Ivy. Although it was charged that it is cruel of her to be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months. Knowles said that as a mother it was painful to her to hear the crazy rumors and she had people to ask her and that was ridiculous. It wasn’t hurtful but crazy was said by the 16 time Grammy winner in an interview.

She was surprised that from where did they come up with that. Before the birth of Ivy, Queen Bey also shotdown the speculation saying that it was stupid, ridiculous, and false, after a video of her was aired with the Australian talk show and fueled the fake bump chatter when her stomach appeared to deflate on camera.

She said that it was fabric that folded and not her stomach. Tina Knowles is still defending her daughter from the internet gossip. Some slammed her for cultural misappropriation. The trailer features Beyonce and a group of Black creators and talent – some of whom appeared to be from Africa, dressed in the traditional African attire. Knowles slammed back in her daughter’s defense that how does she appropriate the Black culture, when she is herself black.

She has a right to her heritage as well as anyone in this world. She thanked the brothers and sisters for speaking up. The latest rumor will elicit a sure response from someone. A Florida congressional candidate, KW Miller has posted on Twitter that Beyonce is not African American and discloses that her real name was Ann Marie Lastrassi. The thread also includes theories about Patti LaBelle and B-L-M.

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