Avoid Raising A ‘Lazy’ Child: 6 Practical Tips For Parents

When you discover that your child is lazy, then you can feel yourself getting frustrated and worried. He might spend the whole day with his gadget when not at school. He is careless about his studies. These symptoms of the child can concern any parent. Whenever you see a lazy child who shies away from his work or daily routine then be sure that he is going to grow up into a lazy adult. And a lazy attitude is of no use in today’s world. So what you should do? Never mind as it is not too late.

We are already well aware of the fact that, but mind it, that restating, changing your child to do better may not be of any good. And even if it does then it will be for a short term. Giving them long sermons and motivational speeches will not work at all. Children have heard this all about the effort of getting their work done and keeping their school work up to date, it will only make them more angry. All you have to do is to find the source of the laziness. And find the things of the child’s interest and try to encourage them to do better.

The very first thing is that let this be clear to you that this is not laziness. And laziness is not a personality trait. It is not something that is inborn and cannot be changed, it is an outcome. There is a reason for everything, the laziness in your child could be from lack of motivation. The child could be unaware of his/her goals and motivations.

You should try and find out your child’s interest and strengths. Interest always give birth to curiosity and wish to learn. Whenever there is the mention of motivated kids there you find that they are interested in many other things. You co0uld have noted your child watching animal planet or playing games online and that could improve his strategizing powers or finding a solution to the problems.

Never try to do things for him or on his behalf. If he is thirsty then let him get up and take a glass of water himself. Let him do it himself. This implies on the bigger things also like doing his homework or schoolwork or preparing for a test. Children who learn to do their own work arte miles away from laziness. Let him take part in the house hold works actively.

Let your child know that mistakes are natural and okay. Let them taste failure. Help them to improve and take care of their mistakes. Tell them the difference between a mistake and a failure. Mistakes are a golden opportunity to learn and improve. Do not let them feel a flub if they fail in the maths test or make them feel inferior to their classmates or their siblings.

In any case try to encourage your child. You will see that he is improving and performing better if he gets your encouragement. Every child wants your praise and approval that motivates the child to perform better and feel proud of him. It makes them feel good about themselves.

Redefine happiness for them. Make them feel happy by giving them a reason to be happy. A happy child is full of energy and is motivated to do things better and quicker. A happy child finds better ways of doing his things and give good results.

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