Angela Bassett Turns 62, 18 Reasons Angela Bassett Is The Most Underrated Actress Of All Time

She starred as Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X opposite the great Denzel Washington who won an entire Oscar.

Thanks to her iconic role in Waiting To Exhale she gave us the most lit gifs of all time.

Two of my favorite Leo legends starred at Waiting To Exhale in one of the highest grossing films of 1995. Call the pair instead.

In fact she was the best part of AHS: Coven.

Tell me that I am mistaken (I am not, so don’t argue).

She appeared at Black Panther, one of ALL TIME ‘s best action films.

She’s practically acted in every single great film that ever graced the silver screen.

Not to brag, but she is a fellow Leo, which means that without even trying, she is naturally brilliant. Angela gives us BAWDY and in August, she just turned 60. No explanation is given for her hotness.

Have you seen her cheekbones all over? We look like God created them and chiseled them, himself.

Angela is also married to Courtney B. Vance, who is also an outstanding character actor in numerous films and TV shows.

I say, this is Bernadette Peters here.

We love black people!

They met at the school of Yale Drama, which is only OTHER justification to stan her. She is well educated.

That’s ironic because Ms. Angela hasn’t aged a DAY since 1992, so the ancestors are BLESSED.

Surely Black is not cracking.

Perhaps Vampire With Eddie Murphy in Brooklyn, where she played a character who, in the end, never freaked ages?!Her fashions are still trendy. Mum went to SLAY.

Angela declined the part in Ball in 2001, and later on Halle BerryWon an Oscar and I guess Ms. Berry needs to thank her for it?

She went to the gym literally for 15 hours a day to get starred as Tina Turner in What ‘s Love Got To Do With It, and if that’s not dedication I don’t know what it is.

Angela really took that part to the life it deserved, and it’ll definitely go down as one of ALL ‘s best biopics. TIME. Be damned Ike Memes.

Remember in Notorious when she was playing Biggie ‘s mom? So if you’re not, let me just remind you! I can’t wait for her to become famous, so she can play mine.


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