A Helpful Chart To Explain The Difference Between Support and ‘Toxic Positivity’

The word positive itself promotes positivity. You can always hold on to an inch of hope when you are going through anxiety or negativity of sorts. You can face the situation better than you think you can that is positivity in your mind. The more positive you are, the easier it is to handle difficult and rough situations. But it may not be helpful to others at all times. Positivity cannot be injected into someone.

Same way positivity cannot be sprinkled onto someone and make him positive. And when people look for some help they try to approach a person with positive attitude. They think that he will be able to pull them out of their negativity. There is a lot of difference between supporting someone with validation and hope and on the other hand trying to support them with ‘’positivity’’. Understand by this example – the difference between ‘’ this is hard …..i believe in you’’ and ‘’just be happy’’.

Just citing inspirational quotes won’t help the cause, support is putting you in the same situation. It is damn easy to yell at someone who is stuck into a hole, and that is called an expression of sympathy. But empathy is to get into the same hole and get them out. ‘’positivity’’ is to advise someone about the means and solution to come out of a situation, and support is to plunge into the same situation and then bring them out, accepting their feelings for what they are.

It is easier to throw phrases at someone like ‘’be positive’’ and ‘’stop being negative’’, you belong to a good place and this is because you want people to be happy or happier in their lives. The negativity in people’s minds is the cause of their feeling unsafe, and they start thinking that there is something wrong with them. They thing that there is something wrong in simply choosing happiness.

We should let positivity sink in to the mind of someone whom we are helping and who is hurt. You water a plant and give it time to grow, instead of shouting at the plant to ‘’grow fast’’. You have to give time and space to the person to recover from his situation and let the trait of positivity make home in his personality.

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