‘A Handsome Couple With No Masks Is Livid Because There Are No Walk-ins. Her Mask Is Hanging Off A Prada Handbag. ‘We Will Take Our Business Elsewhere!’: Woman Shows Grace To Staff After Restaurant Horror Scene, ‘I’m Ashamed Of All Of Us’

Last night I ordered a pickup at the curbside. Saturday evening. Not a good idea but I sometimes forget what day it is now. I ordered the restaurant online and took it to. My reception time was 6:45 p.m. There was a sign outside to call for online orders, with the phone number. I phoned 3 times. Letting it last ring for 5 minutes. I took my mask and jumped out of the car to run in and see the order. There was a couple without masks outside with their dog waiting for curbside pickup. I informed them that I’d review their order too. Pandemic. No issue.

The restaurant is in chaos, as I walk in. It is a perfect place to dine indoors and outdoors. It was a beautiful, famous restaurant long before they started providing curbside service. Seven staff (all under 25 years old) work at the host stand. Actually, they ‘re running around. The phone rings. Nobody has to answer that. Employees are relaxed, concentrated and exhausted. Someone asked me which command I wanted. I said to him, “Fortner. A young guy beside me said softly, ‘Miller.’ So, I say, ‘Fortner, Schneider, Miller.’

I see the worst in people while I wait. A gorgeous couple without masks (hers was hanging off a Prada handbag to be fair) is livid because there is no walk-ins. He pushes her against the corridor to make out for 12 seconds before they leave, to apologize to her. Another family that has made a booking wants to add 2 more people. It is inappropriate. They are mad. ‘Birthday is here! ‘They ‘re telling. They are arguing their case. The young woman behind the iPad is softly saying, “I am so sorry. We have rules that we have to obey, and we cannot have 8 people at the same table, and at this time slot we don’t even have the room for 2 extra.’

Two women walk up to the host stand and say they want to have one drink in the bar and have dinner afterwards. They don’t understand why two reservations will be different. Because of social distance and power, the young woman behind the host stand politely explains, they are constrained in their ability to move people inside the restaurant without reservations.

The women are stomping away (seeming a little high) and saying they ‘re going to take their company elsewhere. I don’t think … No. Not by 7 p.m. They won’t be on Saturday. People are crazy that they can’t sit outside so they made reservations indoors. Right now, it’s good outside and they don’t want to eat indoors. They blamed the host for it.

People are crazy that the next booking available for a group of 4 is at 10:00 p.m. People are annoyed that they must put on a mask just to walk to their table. Loud sighs, and rolls of eyes. Food is distributed outside Schneider. Miller is having his and I’m grateful. The boss is walking over and saying, “I’m so sorry. We sent someone else your order and we don’t even know who.’ I tell him, ‘I understand. No question. It is a wild night.’ He breathes a relieving sigh. Again he brings the order in. The servers go in and out of the restaurant sweating, wearing their uniform and a bulky mask. The KIDS running the host stand with takeout orders are sprinting outside in heels. The phone keeps ringing.

I can’t believe the anger, frankly. Let me just limit this to restaurant anger and these are all people who have the luxury of enjoying a great 72-degree summer night in a restaurant. I can’t believe that anyone feels he’s above the law. I feel ashamed of us all. I can’t believe if the restaurant doesn’t obey the rules, people don’t understand it, they lock the doors. In Asian vinaigrette, there is no roasted Brussel Sprouts with Fresno peppers without customers adhering to the rules. Restaurants still included instructions. Fresh food is served through the kitchen. They wash their glasses. They have it brought to the table. They are trying to care for people with allergies to food. Patrons wear and pay for the shoes.

They always had restrictions on ability and now they are just different. And they’ve got the extra bonus, you can pick it up in your pyjamas if you want to eat your pan-seared sea bass at home without a mask. If you eat outside by 7 p.m. They’ve already built a genius system where they Keep the table for you when you call forward. Do we in this country have so much independence that we now believe it means we should be able to do whatever we want all the time? And we reserve the right to complain if we can not. I have followed so many posts about reopenings at school

And this occurs everywhere in the United States and not just in restaurants. A transversal community. Not just the Midwest. Not only the rich. None with this or that po-litical group. Not only at Walmart. But I think that’s a special mindset in America. It’s really disappointing. We are infants who are happy only if we get what we want, however we get to call it a requirement. There is a explanation for the word, ‘Ugly American.’ Generally it applies to those outside the world who want to adhere to their ideology. But now, it’s everywhere here. On our territory. It’s not shocking that, right now, no other country wants us there. We are half full glass people who find ways of moaning about our half full glass

And here’s my apology for a $18 Mud Pie. So, so fine. I guarantee that I would never come to see it as my fundamental right.’

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