A Black 9-Year-Old Didn’t See Herself In Books. Now, She’s The CEO of A Diverse Bookstore

In the present day context however, someone expresses himself, but it is very traumatizing to grow up as a black individual. The world is full of white things—you see the people on the streets or in a magazine or in a café or in the bar, it is a white man’s world. Rylei is a 9 year old and she belongs to the black community and she is no exception. She is very fond of reading. But she is a bit disappointed as she tries to find characters in the books who look like her but she fails to do so. So she decided to open a book store by the name of Brown Bookcase, a book store for diverse stories.

Her mom Brea told in an interview that the girl started the business in October 2019 after failing to find characters in the book with whom she could identify herself. Eventually she lost all interest in reading books. She started looking for books that featured characters like her with dark skin, curly hair, the way they interacted with their family and friends, and after a long research it ended up in opening of the Bookstore. The main aim of the bookstore is to provide books to the children of all races and make them aware of the different kinds of people that exist in this world.

And to make them understand that this world is full of different people who do not look alike and should not be treated in a different manner. The young girl has featured in the Gee Thanks Just Bought It on the podcast with Caroline Moss, BuzzFeed, and ABC News. She explained on a news channel that when she started reading books, she could not relate to them. So she decided to provide the children with books that they were able to identify with. The bookstore now sells the books online as well as across the counter to children and teens of all races. The bookstore deals in all the books in English and Spanish language.

Unlike dolls that have come around as a stimuli to the children, this is not the case with the books. Hence Brown Bookcase is the best place to start where you have a list of books recommended for all types of children and is a great help to the parents to make a choice. It is a great opportunity for them to learn. The store also ships books across the globe. Moreover if you are a celebrated writer of children’s book then this is the place to launch your new publication. Three cheers for the Black-owned business.

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