Anonymous Donor Buys Brand New Lawn Mower For 85 Year Old Man Who Had His Stolen

A lawn mower from the front lawn of 85 year old Gordon Blakeslee from his Harpursville NY home. As he wanted the mower back, he made a sign board and put it in front of his house. The cardboard board read in capitals ‘’BRING BACK MY MOWER. I AM 85 YEARS OLD AND CAN’T PUSH’’ After a few days a shining new mower was delivered at his house by the Broom County Sheriff’s office.

The gift was made by an anonymous donor. The Sheriff claimed that he was too happy to deliver the mower to Gordon and was much more happier to see the expression of happiness and gratitude on his face to have the mower back. He also expressed his shock that he never expected such a reaction towards him and his missing lawn mower.

He was very thankful and pleased at receiving the brand mew mower and exclaimed that it was better than his old one. He instantly started the mower and took it for a spin mowing his grass. He said that the mower helped him in moving out and getting some exercise as he would not last long by just sitting inside.

He feels independent with the mower as he gets a chance to move out from the confines of his house. And he was thankful to the stranger who turned this ‘wrong’ into ‘right’. He added that there are still some good people out there. Now to keep an eye on the lawn mower, Gordon is getting some security cameras installed around his house. And the new mower will be kept under lock and key.

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