8 Things Life Has Taught Me – Pass It On

You may waste time in chasing useless things in your life. Make it a habit to at least once a year to sit down and prioritize your goals and how you want to pursue them.

Think about their values and how they must have changed over the years. Now make changes in your lifestyle according to the priorities of your goals. Let your life reflect your goals.

Put a stop to please everybody in your life.

Being a people pleaser can take serious toll on your own pleasures and happiness. Everyone wants to get along with people around them. To keep everyone happy at the same time is a vicious circle that will never end. It will leave you burnt out and frustrated and less effective at people whom you really want to make happy.

Age gracefully

As soon as the grey hair appear, it is very difficult to get a woman convinced that she is looking beautiful and graceful as ever. You will be more content and more happy if you start taking the aging process with grace and confidence at whatever stage it might be. I remember in those early days spending too much time on my appearance and looks, that was real boring.

Stop your comparison with other people.

Never compare yourself with your friends, neighbors, relatives and other acquaintances. Nobody is as perfect as they seem. Take that 100%. Stop judging yourself with other’s high points and rather stop judging your own looks with other’s. a book is never judged by its cover.

Learn from mistakes and comfort in sad times.

Never wait for recognition.

Become your own biggest fan. Your hard work will go unnoticed even by the people who care for you the most.

Instead of waiting for appreciation try to be grateful to yourself. Any recognition from outside is a bonus. Also teach your children to be grate ful.

It should not be stressful in being healthy.

Your health is important. People mistake physical health and mental health as one and the same thing. But that is not true. Never regret on your wait while checking on it daily. Tell yourself to take care and control it. You might have gone for a dessert at night and put on the extra pounds.

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