‘He Visits 5 Time A Day, To Make Sure She Wakes From All Her Naps’: 78-Year-Old And 7-Year-Old Form Amazing Bond

Love is not only bound to teenagers or the youth. Love can happen at any age. Here we are going to narrate you a story of love and affection that grew between a 78 year old and a 7 year old to form an amazing bond. The grandmother, Wilma walked into her life when she was just 2 tears old. And since then it has been an inseparable bond between them. But as she has seen her growing up all these years, her love for her has become stronger, despite her old age. It has come with age and her battle with the can-cer.

She was diagnosed with lung can-cer, a couple of years ago. A part of her lung was removed and six months later, she was detected of can-cer. Despite her suffering from two can-cers, she is still alive. We have been trying to convince her to move in with us so that we will take good care of her. But she is stubborn as old people get and refuses to become a burden on us. She has lived in the house for 38 years and only that is a constant in her life.

She is very fond of her home, her yard, her garden and not to forget her loving neighbors. Her routine is to wake up and make coffee fior herself ast sharp 6 am and then moves on to her porch. I, the daughter of nana work in a hospital in the night shift. This limits my schedule as I am also a full time student. So as we are a small family, it is difficult for us to take frequently nana for her medical examinations and treatments. This is where her neighbors come in and that’s the reason for me calling them as lovely neighbors.

They keep a watchful eye on her and help in getting her to her chemotherapy sessions. Every now and then they call upon her and inquire about her welfare all the time. The name of the boy is Caleb, and he is 7 years old and lives in the neighbor. They have lived there for long. The first time they met was over a plate of food that nana made for him. He lives with his grandmother and his dad and two brothers. He stays the whole day with nana and is a frequent visitor to her house. The bond between them is inseparable and everlasting.

Ters run in my eyes when I think of their friendship. He has been raised with a lot of love. He will dance for her, and laugh with her and sing with her after he comes back from school daily. He stands out from others to bring joy and laughter in nana’s life. We are so thankful to the little boy for the love and attachment that he has shown towards nana. It has helped her in her hardest of times and I hope one day he will realize the impact he has left on nana and me.

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