7 Classy Ways To Style A Saree For Online Meetings

Think corporate, think western wear right? Wrong! Ethnic wear has lots of options too, especially sarees. Yeah, you heard that right! Earlier the office dress code read as a prim, propah, and a corporate dress code, white, black, grey, and black being the primary color codes and stripes or solids being the preferred patterns. But things have changed and how. That dress code has crumbled in the favor of fashionistas who want to eliminate the word ‘boring’ from their dress code. Yes, you can experiment with fashion following the dictates of the office code.

In this COVID-19 era what with the online meetings being the new normal, you have to look your best for the webcam too since you want to put up your best foot forward, when it comes to your work and when it comes to your fashion statement. Find out how you can nail your next online meeting in your favorite fashion-wear, a saree!

The colors to choose – The look you must choose is purposeful, you-mean-business yet fashionable, so steer clear of extreme bold colors, such as reds, neons, gold, the works. Stick to a more earthy color tone or monochrome. It will present a soothing and easy-on-the-eye look.

The blouse brou ha-ha – When it comes to saree blouses simple yet fashionable is the best bet. So stick to a color palette similar to a saree or a neutral color. High necks, boat necks, collared necks are some of the best options. It is attention-stealing yet not attention-grabbing.

Cinch it with a belt – A belt immediately makes the saree look more streamlined and edgy. It gives a slimmer appearance to your waist and makes you achieve a simple ‘corporate’ look in one simple step. However don’t go overboard with belts, a dainty and skinny belt works most of the time.

Prints and patterns – Digital prints are big now, however, stick to classy prints instead of overtly bold ones, especially if it is too garish, you can even settle for a solid colored saree with a printed blouse or a crop top.

The fabric factor – When you are in the middle of a long online meeting, you’d prefer to be wearing something comfortable, especially when the weather is as sultry as it is now. Cotton and linens should be your go-to. Georgettes and chiffons are easy to manage, however, you may have to pin it neatly so that the look comes out neat and not messy.

Hairstyles etc. – A soft updo is the best way to nail a corporate look, it tames your flyaways and makes you look neat. You can also try edgy braids, neat ponytails, and low buns. They can make your whole look chic and classy.

Accessories game on point – Opt for simple studs, that are simple yet accentuates your feminine charm. Oxidized silver jewelry works like a charm. You can try other dainty fashion jewelry, which can give your look a whole new dimension. Wear that watch as it makes your whole look professional. Try these classy ways to wear a saree for your next online meeting and let us know whether these tips worked for you. If you are looking for a simple yet stylish saree collection you will get the same at Hatkay

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