6-Year-Old Feeds Hundreds of Homeless People, Launches Her Own Foundation – Video

Just 6 years old, Paris Williams is on a quest to make the planet a better place for everyone. Although many people on the streets concerned about those, this first grader is starting her own non-profit organization to help feed the homeless.

Inspired by the charitable actions of characters in some of her favorite children’s books, Paris decided she ‘d like to do her bit as well and give back to the community in any way she could.

She’s very outgoing, she’s artistic, she’s got a huge heart, she’s always eager to support people, Alicia Marshall, the little girl’s mother told WHP-TV.

Paris, which is entering first grade this fall, is already packed with huge dreams. She was reading books about giving at school and one day she came home, and she was like, ‘I want to give back to homeless people. What can we do to support homeless people?’ So, we sort of brainstormed some ideas and we came up with care packages, Marshall explained.

As for the book that had her involved in philanthropy, young Paris said: It’s called the ‘One Little Boy’s Magic.’ I kinda wanted to give the poor like the boy in the book some food. The paperwork for the Paris Cares Foundation is supposed to be accepted any day now and Paris and her parents are already supporting people in need as they wait.

According to KTVI, via non-contact drop-off, they have distributed over 500 care packages loaded with food, drinks and other important things to the homeless centre. Although her parents help buy the items they need, Paris fills each box with supplies and puts a personal note or drawing on each of the ‘Paris Care Packages.’ Well, I’d help put all the food in and help draw all the pictures on the containers, she says.

Paris has donated at least 250 meals, in addition to feeding the homeless, to staff in the city. She’s just getting started though. The youngster also has plans to organize a hot-food drive this Thanksgiving for the hungry and raise money to buy toys for children in need this holiday season. “It makes me so happy, because this little girl who enters first grade has such a huge heart for all that’s going on in the world. She wants to share. She wants to support others, Marshall said.

As of Wednesday morning, a GoFundMe campaign set up for the Paris Cares Foundation had raised $3,657 from its $4,500 target. Paris is a kindergarten student who is willing to feed as many homeless people as possible while leaving a positive note on each bag.

Her goal is to make homeless people feel better with one food kit at a time. A five-year-old was able to feed 40 people by herself. Imagine how many more people she would feed with your help.

The young girl also raises money to support the homeless by using her Bonfire account to sell t-shirts and masks.

She is the driving force behind everything and we’re all trying to help her as much as we can, Marshall said. The proud mother admitted she couldn’t believe how much she ‘d taught her 6-year-old in just a few short months. I want people to get motivated to do positive stuff, Paris said.


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