6 Eye-Opening Secrets A Narcissist Doesn’t Want You To Know

You can fool anyone who has not been in contact with a narcissist. They can be a misleader to anyone who has never gone through their torture. I will share my experience with a narcissist with whom I spent some time so that you can be aware of a narcissist if one day he happens to cross your path. I was ashamed to share my experience as I never wanted anyone to know about my foolishness of falling for him.

I kept it bottled inside me. No one else is to be blamed for my stupidity and not being aware of the happenings around me. This went on for a long time. It was my fault to make that mistake. I could have prevented it but I couldn’t. I adjusted myself with it even as the road was full of sweat and a huge amount of tears, but it was the road worth taking. So I am offering you my advice so that you can be saved from the trauma and sufferings.

Never confront them

If ever he comes to know that you know his intentions then he will make your life miserable.

If he comes to know that you are aware of his narcissist intentions. The only way to chase him away is to ignore him. Never let him provocate you. In fact make a poker face and avoid him.

They are scared of getting caught

Try to record his acts and keep them safe. You have to keep the evidence . It is important to keep proof. He can’t think of different tactics to fool you. He will make you think that you are crazy. But you never overreact to his tactics. He will try to over smart you but you have the evidence handy.

He can never stand your indifference

Any way you treat them, they take it as a compliment. They are fond of attention – either goods or bad. Instead of seeking on your life and think positive. If ever you have to be with a narcissist then try to make your company as boring as it could be.

He can’t stand getting dumped.

He will freak if you discard him. He cannot let his ego hurt. He will try his best to come back to you. It is not that he misses you he wants you back into your own traumas and hurt you as a vengeance. He will want to revive the friendship again.

He treats you as an object.

You are just a supply to him. You are not a human to him with emotions and feelings. You are just an object to feed him.

You are just like his exes and future targets.

He is far from humble.

He is neither humble nor noble. He is just a performer or an actor. He gives the impression of a flawless person in the beginning and also gives you a complex. He will try to behave like a perfect and responsible character. You will get the feeling of not being able to be like him. He imitates the power of being liked by everyone he meets.


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