5,000 People Want To Adopt This Kid After A Viral Video

A nine-year – old boy from Oklahoma City , Oklahoma, may be getting his wish after his heartfelt appeal for adoption has attracted the attention of thousands. Young Jordan shared his adoption experience with viewers in a recent news story but it was his sincere realization that his greatest desire was for a “mom and dad.”

In a news clip three years ago, Jordan and his brother Braison were originally featured there. Back in 2017 KFOR captured the brothers at Frontier City. The brothers lived in separate, group homes at the time.

Oh, we want to do something like bake and karate together, Jordan said during an interview. Braison has been embraced ever since their segment aired. While Jordan no longer gets to see his brother very much, all he really wanted was to get himself adopted.

Years later, Jordan caught up again with the news station in a segment called A Place To Call Home. The segment is intended to highlight children who are looking for adoption. He currently lives in a group home and dreams of a stable, loving, self-catering home. Jordan told the news station that if there were somewhere in the world he could go it would be “for a home to an adoption party.

Then only one thing the boy desired, if three wishes were to be given.

Getting relatives, relatives, and family. Those are my only wishes, he said. I just want a family calling mom and dad, or just mom or just father. I just don’t know.

What he ever wanted was a family with whom he could talk at any time. I hope one of you all will choose me, the boy said, who had been in foster care for six years. Following his TV show, the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma received inquiries into Jordan’s adoption.

Today.com announced the organization received more than 5,000 web inquiries about him in the first 12 hours since the story aired. KFOR spoke to OKDHS and it was told that officials are having a hard time getting back to someone who wants to give Jordan a home forever because of the amount of interest. Fox 4 talked to Jordan’s OKDHS permanent planning officer, Christopher Marlowe, who said that he is reading through these profiles to pick a family to try to move forward.

We had a couple of families who expressed interest in adoption but after we made disclosures, the families decided that at this time it wasn’t the right fit for them or their family, so we had some trouble finding a placement for him, he continued.

There are other children who have been featured on “A Place To Call Home” who have unique physical or behavioral needs, but Marlowe noted who especially for a child who has been in detention, [Jordan] has been through a whole lot compared to most of our children.

Marlowe hopes to reconnect with his brother Jordan too. The adoptive family of his brother was agreeable to that and even though things were going well, they said they’d be able to take them out on day-passes so they could spend some good quality time together, Marlowe said.


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