Once Homeless, This 26-Year Old Is Now The Youngest Black Owner of A Subway Franchise In Atlanta – Video

He is a young man of 26, who has acquired the ownership of a Subway franchise in Atlanta. His name is Chris Williams. That makes him the first youngest Black person to do so in the country.

The footage of him signing the contract has been made viral on the social media. Chris was once a homeless guy. He started off as a car salesman in Arizona.

He attended the Automobile Dealership Institute with the money he saved. He later became a finance manager in a firm.

He was the finance manager of a car dealership outside Miami where he gained experience and started thinking about his own business. He learned to raise capital and was able to arrange six figures from his savings and investors. That way he succeeded to buy the franchise.

After a lot of thought giving, he decided upon the franchise as the best option to start his own business.

He likes Subway for its popularity as a universal brand with stability. He attended the Subway orientation class and made a connect with Georgia who was looking to sell. He then negotiated a suitable price and the rest is history. He recorded the negotiation on phone to train the upcoming entrepreneurs  and make them benefit from his experience.

He is very anxious to help others in establishing their own business. He is much inclined towards the disadvantaged communities of the world and strives to help them out. He has also launched a course for young entrepreneurs to help them tain in their trade and benefit from his experiences.


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