25 Banned Baby Names From Around The World That Are Truly C-riminal

Depending on who you ask, loosened baby naming laws are the rule in many jurisdictions. The few stuff that’s off the table in certain jurisdictions are obscenities, words, and numbers. If the name is not shit then you’re pretty good to go. So, in Pennsylvania, a family of white supremacists got away with naming their children, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, HonszlynnHinler Jeannie Campbell, and Adolf Hitler Campbell.

After a local grocery store wouldn’t personalize a birthday cake for little Adolf the family caused quite the stir with the names. Perfect for the Bakery department of the Greenwich Township ShopRite! Now, we couldn’t believe the Campbell family got away by giving those names to their kids. So, we wanted to dig a little bit to see what names were really prohibited. Boy Woo, just buckle up! Here are 25 names banned from all over the world which you won’t believe.


A couple named their newborn Robocop in Sonora, Mexico. Dear Robocop! The town officials were shocked and felt so many were one baby called Robocop. They banned the name.

S-ex Fruit

New Zealand officials intervened before a couple could name their lovely happy package. And protecting local registrar offices from having to change the name legally in the future, we think the Kiwis have done the right thing.


Parents in Denmark are expected to select accepted names from a list of 7,000 names. To use a name which is not on the registry, special permission must be given. Each year approximately 250 names are refused. One such name is Monkey.


Parents were interested in naming the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, after their Swedish boy. Unfortunately (unfortunately?), the name breaches the stringent rules of Sweden on names.

Prince Williams

This one is a two-parter so be sure to also read the other name selected by a group of parents from France. Two manic new parents decided to call their infant Prince William in French. A court interfered, and they ordered the couple to choose another name for their son.

Mini Cooper

The same parents came up with a new name for their baby boy after the disappointment of not being able to name their child Prince Harry: Mini Cooper. The same court said no again that parents should not be allowed to name their child after a car either.


We are so # blessed that New Zealand releases lists of names they removed annually. The nation released its list in 2013 and there was one that particularly stood out for us. A parent wants to call their child Anal there. New Zealand ‘s government deserves a special award for saving the unfortunate kid from a life of shame.

Osama Bin Laden

Shortly after the 9/11 case on the US, a Turkish couple living in Germany decided to honor the man behind it by naming Osama bin Laden as their dad. German officials stopped that because the name part of the country ‘s naming rules saying a name “shouldn’t necessarily lead to humiliation.”

Talula does the hula

How is it that they drink in New Zealand? The government stepped in and claimed legal guardianship over a nine-year – old girl named Talula Does the Hawaii Hula. When she complained of being “mocked and humiliated,” they took the initiative to give the girl a proper name.


After the sugar, chocolate, and hazelnut spread a couple in France decided to call their child Nutella. A French judge ruled that the name would lead to “mockery and disobligatory remarks,” prompting the couple to change the name to Ella.


Akuma is the Japanese term for “devil.” In the 1990s, Japanese parents called their child Akuma, followed by a media storm that captured the attention of the Cabinet of Prime Ministers. A minister of justice ruled the government could not compel the parents to change their name. But, they ensured the name would not be given to any other children. In Japan Akuma had been banned.


Somehow Swedish parents got away calling their boy Metallica and he even got baptized under the name. A tax officer, however, came across the name and warned officials and the parents were forced to change the name into something more appropriate.

Chow Tow

Many years ago, Malaysian authorities received a massive influx of demands for name changes that prompted the government to issue a list of banned names to prevent it from happening again. One name which made the list was Chow Tow meaning “smelly head.”


Here is one more two-parter. New Zealand is obviously over the bullsh*t of its men. Parents decided to name Fish as one of their babies. Fishes! Fish had a twin brother, as if that weren’t bad enough.


Chips is Fish’s twin brother and the parents decided to call Fish and Chips as their siblings. New Zealand has said ‘not at the table! “Parents had to change their names.


A stoned throw away from New Zealand, they tried to name their child after food as well in Australia. The government had stepped in and outlawed the Spinach term.


Not many of us refer to various poisons as inspiration for the baby name. Still, one woman is an exception in Wales. She wanted to call her daughter Cyanide but there was a court which interfered. She brought it to trial and gave the explanation that Cyanide was “responsible for Hitler and Goebbels and I think that was a good thing.” The British Court of Appeals did not authorize the little girl to get the name.


The controversial baby name from Sonora, Mexico ‘s finest citizens was prohibited after it was discovered in the registries. Mexican authorities were powerless to avoid a baby being called Circumcision, but they outlawed the name so no more babies could earn it in the future. Thank you very much heavens.


China does not require baby names to be symbolised. One couple challenged that law, arguing that the “@” symbol which in Mandarin is pronounced “ai-ta” and sounds identical to the word “love him” makes it a suitable name. It wasn’t seen this way by the government and the name @ is banned.


You are in shock looking at this, but in 2014 Saudi Arabia outlawed the name Linda. They published a list of inappropriate names and Linda made the list because it was too closely linked to Western culture.


In case you wondered, the ‘name’ Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 is banned in Sweden after parents tried to persuade authorities that the word is pronounced “Albin.”


Sonora, Mexico just had trouble trying to get the names there to get a grip. The name Scrotum was also prohibited, as well as Circumcision.


Authorities in Germany, after parents wanted to call their child Lucifer, had a similar issue as authorities in Japan. He claimed the Lucifer was Latin for “light-bringing” but the German Language Association said the term was inappropriate.


In Iceland, the letter “C” is not in the Icelandic alphabet, and because of that, you can’t call kids with the letter “C.” Reykjavík’s former mayor found it hard because he tried to call his daughter Camilla. This is a no-go. The Mayor called it “unfair, dumb anti-creativity regulation.”


Would you believe that Tom is an illegal name? Portugal does have some unusual naming laws. Both names must be Portuguese and it has been refused to a couple calling their boy Thor because it is not Portuguese. In addition, shortened names or nicknames are not suitable either. A couple wanted to name their boy Tom but then they were forced to call him Tomás.

Some names are simply awful and shouldn’t be allowed. Portugal’s list of banned names is 82-page long. We are torn over certain countries’ stringent naming laws because they do seem a little draconian. You don’t want Scrotum and Circumcision to turn up in the same classroom though, so that’s all there is.

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