Yelling ‘Stop Crying’ Won’t Work On Toddlers. 19 Positive Phrases You Can Say Instead

The very first thing that comes to your mind when you see a baby cry is to calm her down and make her quite. The baby could be needing a nappy change or the touch of her mother. As the infants are unable to tell us the source of their uncomforted, we try many things. We feel frustrated but at the same time we are cool. But in some cases we cross the limit.

We should try and understand the psych of the toddlers as they have started to learn about the world and other people and themselves. All they need is to help processing the events and emotions and the best way to do is to cry. For the toddlers crying is not a sign of anger but it is a way to vent out the emotions. It can be any emotion like anger, fear, frustration, excitement, confusion, anxiety or even happiness.

As the toddlers are yet to find out a way to express their emotions, they find crying the best way to do so. Sometimes you will find them acting more than their age and that is the time when they are trying to mimic their mom. Yelling at them will make them feel that you are not understanding their feelings or emotions. The best way to stop his crying is to distract his attention and you will find out that you have succeeded. But this trick might not work every time.

Distraction can just act temporarily and your child might not be able to understand you after all. The failure of your not understanding his feelings is your failure to pacifying him and controlling his emotional flow. If the emotions of a child are not dealt with properly then he or she could resort at pelting things at you or elsewhere.

So what should be your reaction at a crying baby?

The best part is to keep your cool and do not try to yell at the baby. Try to use some of the phrases given below and do it with expertise to give satisfying results:

  • I can tell you are feeling cold or wet or hot or whatever the circumstance may be.
  • I can see this is hard for you, come I will make it soft.
  • It would also cause me to feel ………
  • I bet you really felt cold or hot soft or hard.
  • If I were in your place, I could be feeling the same.
  • Its okay to feel……….
  • I know you are feeling………. And that is okay.
  • I understand you are feeling…………it’s okay.
  • I can hear you crying, but what made you upset. I am here for you.
  • It seems you need a break and talk to your calm.
  • Let’s breath, you want to count till 10 slowly.

These are some of the phrases that if told like an expert could calm your baby and he can stop crying instead of blowing your head off.        

This is how people reacted to this post:

Joy M. Dimacali: “Very effective sa 2 years old ko yung what happened? Are you okay? Kasi magkekwento na sya kung anong nangyari tapos titigil na din sya pag iyak.. Ihuhug ko lang ok na sya. Parang walang nangyari.”

Joanna Korina Joson – Villanueva: “Mark Anthony Villanueva.”

Sarah Playford: “Richard Playford you should read this x.”

Jennifer Erminia Francis: “People have no idea how damaging it is to constantly tell and scream in front of children or around children, unless of course you enjoy and irritated baby 24/7… eating, sleeping and most activities will be up down and all around.
Science doesn’t lie, STOP YELLING!!!”

Kelly LaCorte Guerrieri: “Christina Schager read this. You are doing everything right, 3 year olds are supposed to have meltdowns!!”

Noryb Ducab: “Nath Nate at itag ko din sarili ko Noryb Ducab hahaha mas para sakin yata ito..haha.”

Steven Edward: “Alex Gregory hmm very interesting read baby girl.”

Jed Maliwanag: “Elaine Rose Lo Maliwanag.”


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