13 Rules I’ll Teach My Daughter To Live By

You Do Not Need To Be A Man To Be Happy

The world is going to try and tell you how you need someone to feel complete.If you don’t have a guy next to you, they’ll try to make you feel less of a person. They tell you that it depends on whether a man wants you to be happy and live successful.I’m just going to tell you this is just BS. You don’t need to be happy with one man.

You Are Incharge Of Your Own Happiness

You are the only one who has power over your emotions, your life and your happiness. So, choose to be happy please.Choose to smile and laugh and dance and bite your lip and leave your hair loose and watch a show in a day for the whole season.

Love Everyone

Give unconditional love. And if you give love without expecting anything in return, then you can only claim that you are truly loved.

The World Is Your Canvas

Just feel free to win it. Whoever you like you want to become, I have your back.Would you like to be a ballerina, an astronaut, a soldier, a doctor or a singer?You want to go diving on cliffs, you want to buy a motor, you want to pack your bags and travel the world?

Beauty Lies In Your Eyes

You don’t have to reveal any extra skin to be noticed and be lovely.Red lipstick is beautiful and you should pull it off. Sweatpants are amazing, and so are hoodies.You should have your crop top taken off. With shoes, you may look prettier than those girls who can’t walk with high heels but who want to wear them anyway.

Do not bend your head

Throughout your life, you’ll meet a thousand persecutor — kindergarten, high school, workplace, bus station, loan interview — you name it.Just matter what they tell you if you believe it.I’m going to tell you not to bend your head for them but to prove them wrong instead.

Do not hurt anyone

I’ll advise you not to take it out on anyone, no matter how bad a day you have had.Be the light for someone at the end of the tunnel, because your kind words could change the life of someone.Don’t construct walls — build roads into the hearts of other men. You never know when you’re going to need the same.

Tackle your heartbreaks

Forget to be brave, and not let someone get close to you. I’ll teach you how to deal with heartbreaks, instead of growing thick around you.

Wait for the perfect man for you

You will come to know this yourself — men still have no idea what to do with you let alone with themselves. They are messy and they could even make your life messy.

Do not let productivity hinder your success

There will be days when you’re going to give 150 percent of yourself and sometimes your battery is going to be on saver mode, but don’t ever doubt that you’re going to make something big in life.

You are not unworthy

Don’t ever feel that you’re worthless, or that you can’t do anything.There’s no single line you can’t cross, there’s no single human being you can’t touch, and there’s no single environment you can’t live in. So go for it!

Speak it out

Never dim your voice — not your boyfriend, friends , teachers, or supervisors.If what you think makes sense, don’t let them convince you that you’re wrong.

Face all obstacles nicely

I’m going to show you that life is full of ups and downs and you can’t be high all the time but the nice thing is you can’t be poor all the time either.You can get your knees swollen. You are required to drop your bike, get snap, and only have $4.99 in your bank account.

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