14 People Share Brain Fart Moments That Are Absolutely Hilarious

There are many embarrassing moments in one’s life. It could be any silly moment out of your life and you might have felt very embarrassed at that time.

But you laugh at the moment just by the mention of it and you feel great narrating the incident. We have all had that one special moment. And the memories about those moments are so etched in our brains that sometimes it is very hard to erase them from our memories once and for all.

The fact is that when we grow old, we could forget our names but we will not forget to narrate these stories to our grand children. Some of us had spent hours on a long shift and continued with a tiring daily activity that makes it hard to have a fully functional brain at times. It could be the hangover. That is the reason how we get brain fart moments and make our lives miserable by tenfold.

I will jot down a few sentences and phrases for you to describe the fart moments that people had narrated me. Here we go.

1. What he meant to say was ‘’ hold on for a second’’ and ‘’give me a minute’’ to a customer, but it came out loud and clear and a long one.

2. I screamed and hugged my dentist thinking that he was going in for one but he was just taking out my dental bib and it was loud and clear in the silent room.

3. I tripped over a lady and told ‘’I am fu**king sorry’’ what came out was that ‘’I am farting sorry’’.

4. I was blank at the Starbucks Coffee counter and said ‘’vodka soda’’ and she answered ‘’huh’’ and I said ‘’huh’’, when we stared at each other as though asking ‘’was it you?’’

5. I wanted to mail my professor about that I did not understand the study material and instead I mailed him that help me with my fart.

6. The elevator doors opened and a guy walked in and said I love you to me and I replied I love you to him, he gave me a weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth.

7. At the airport the TSA guy told me to scan my license face down, but I heard something else and stood face down on the scanner and waited. He could not stop laughing for quite some time.

8. While taking out my dog for a walk I noticed our neighbor waving at me so I waved her back only to notice that she was cleaning the window panes.

9. The CVS guy told me that I should enjoy my night at the awards function but I misunderstood and replied ‘’not today’’.

10. I told my therapist that my parents got a divorce. He was busy writing down something, he lifted his head and said ‘’oh! Your parents got a horse’’.

11. That day I opened the pizza upside down.

12. In my math class I felt an urge to fart. I dropped my book and all looked at me and then I farted loud and clear.

13. I had the habit of asking the customers if they wanted their item in a bag, the two ladies came to buy 2 kayaks and I asked them if they wanted their kayaks ion a bag or so.

14. A guy at the gym wanted to give me a fist bump, I thought he was holding a mike and I bent and said ‘’hello.’’

There are pretty more instances of farting moments but let us leave them for some time later or in some other article.

All the best.


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