11-Year-Old Boy Opens Lemonade Stand To Raise Money To Assist Single Moms – Video

Cartier Carey is putting a amount of energy into running a lemonade stand. The 11-year-old doesn’t raise money for a new bike, or anything else that would benefit him personally.

Young Cartier aims to raise funds for financially struggling single mums and families. The selfless act now garners some well-deserved recognition and attention from Carey. That will, hopefully, turn into more lemonade sales.

Running a lemonade stand has huge benefits for young people who typically pursue this endeavor.

A lemonade stand might not have the same size and scope as a multinational corporation, but it does apply to basic economics. Young people will learn a lot from running a booth. They could even be helping a good cause. Just as basic economics lead to the running of a lemonade stand, so do charity and good will aspects.

Cartier Carey shows you don’t have to be an adult in order to do something good for others and for your community. Just a kind heart and a little motivation is all you need. Cartier realizes the families have been quite hard in recent times. The impact is an economic one, as the ripple effect causes many people to be out of work or earn less.

Cartier thought he could help with everything, and so he did. The resident of Virginia went to work establishing a stand and selling lemonade along with some snacks.

He directs the funds to pay for baby wipes and diapers, which could appreciate two things struggling moms do.

And all can be shocked by Cartier ‘s performance. He has earned about $5,000 so far. Too much money, in his neighborhood, can do a lot of good. CNN has been running a story about Cartier and his mission. The commercial definitely helped him sell a lot of lemonade. Hopefully, new ads would contribute even more to his lemonade stand and to good cause.

A story on Cartier was also carried by the Virginia-Pilot newspaper. He has mentioned how God wants people to do things like this. Cartier felt that he was able to help people out so he did. There might be attraction marketing at work here.

As “like attracts like,” so Cartier’s lemonade and package care stand will bring in people who want to give other people a caring hand. Realizing the opportunity, Cartier extended his efforts to reach out to other caring people over the Internet.

He is using GoFundMe, a common crowdfunding website, to help raise funds.

He ‘d named his new venture, Kids for Change. The youngster has in mind a ambitious target. He wants to inspire young people around the globe to be doing something for others. The success of Cartier could encourage others to take up a good cause, raising money and awareness.

Kids for Change could become an powerful and vast organization if the young man chooses to devote his life to charity. Yet again, several top businessmen discovered the fundamentals of operating a lemonade stand. Why can’t anyone learn about the basics of charities and non-profits, too? The lessons translate. Cartier Carey with his lemonade stand set up a good thing. Let’s hope it keeps on through and stays productive even though the troubled times are past us.


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