11-Year-Old Ballet Dancer Gets Scholarship Offer To Prestigious Dance School After Viral Video of Him Dancing In The Rain

After a video of him dancing in the rain, a 11 year old boy was offered scholarship in a top NYC dancing school. His name is Anthony Mmesoma Madu and he recorded a video of himself displaying his ballet skills in the rain. It was in the internet’s attention and soon it caught the attention of Cynthia Harvey, the artistic director of the ABT School of dance, one of the most prestigious schools in New York. A friend of Cynthia sent him the video and he was enthralled at the boy’s skills.

Madu is just one of the twelve boys in his batch who attend the Leap of Dance Academy, a dance school in Lagos. There is no such school that teaches the students free. The dance teacher expects to change stereotypes around the ballet dance.

Harvey tracked dowmn Madu and Owoseni and offered them full scholarship to the pre-teen and attend the Dancer Summer Workshop and offering them to continue training at the prestigious school. He says that he is just helping the boys who are showing such promises and dedication towards dancing.

The world has taught us to learn from each other. And it was the right thing to do to provide opportunity to both the promising boys. Madu is a very dedicated and committed student. And all hope that he will inspire many more boys of his age to join the Academy and benefit from there and make a successful career in dancing.

He has also broken the myth that boys cannot perform ballet. This dancing form is here to stay and is not only supposed to be belonging to females. Anthony showed his love for ballet and hopes to inspire other dancers to adopt this form of dance. He says that the dance gives him a sense of satisfaction and he is happy that he has changed the attitude of people towards this dancing form. And he is proud to be a male ballet dancer.

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