15 Celebs Whose Bodyguards Are More Attractive Than Them

The celebrities are famous people, at least much more than the common people in the world. They are admired, talented, idealized, ambitious, career driven and the most important thing is that they are highly respected individuals in their specific field. They are the ones who deserve to have protection and stay safe and away from the crazy crowd of onlookers and fans and followers. They could be crushed by their love at times.

So to be safe and sound, they hire bodyguards to keep them that way. They walk around with them at their side all the time. That’s the reason that the bodyguard appears in every picture taken of the celebrity on camera. Often it has been observed that the bodyguard is much more impressive and attractive than the celebrity himself or herself, and they become the star attraction of the moment.

We are giving below the bodyguards of some prominent celebrities for you to judge:

1. Katy Holmes, has a bodyguard smarter than anyone else.

2. Justin Beiber would love to have a body like his bodyguard.

3. Taylor Swift has a bodyguard much smarter than her any date.

4. Adle has a smart blue eyed defender as her guard.

5. Zac Efron’s bodyguard is a gem of a guy.

6. Katy Perry has a bodyguard who is an alpha of a guy.

7. The bodyguard of Karl Lagerfeld is definitely a model much more handsome than him.

8. Amber Rose has a hunk of a guy as her defender.

9. The defender of Angelina Jolie is much hotter than any of her co-stars.

10. Lady Gaga has two Greek Gods as her bodyguards.

11. Daniel Radcliffe had a defender who is undoubtedly handsome than him and taller too.

12. Britney Spears has hired a bunch of muscles as her savior.

13. Selena Gomez loves her bodyguard and does not hide it.

14. Jennifer Lawrence has a bodyguard much more handsome than the star.

15. Tim Chung the official guard of the Kardashian clan had an affair with his employers.


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